FREE NOW adds PayPal to offer passengers a new digital payment and cashless tipping option in Ireland
  • FREE NOW passengers can now pay for their taxi journeys using PayPal – which has 1.8 million active accounts in
  • PayPal study shows 42% of Irish consumers believe cash transactions will no longer exist by 2023**
  • Growing consumer demand for cashless transactions since the pandemic - 10% increase in cashless payments among FREE NOW passengers.
Pictured (left to right): Anthony Rafferty, Senior Director, Global Merchant Services, PayPal; and Niall Carson, General Manager of FREE NOW Ireland.

FREE NOW, Ireland′s leading ride-hailing app, today announced that it has added PayPal as a new digital payment option for Irish passengers on their mobile app.


FREE NOW customers in Ireland can now pay and tip for their journeys using PayPal* – which currently has 1.8 million active accounts in Ireland. This additional payment option, coupled with the fact that FREE NOW has Ireland′s shortest waiting times for a ride-hailing app, helps to deliver a seamless and convenient travel experience for FREE NOW users.


Market Trends in Contactless Payments

This move is also reflective of market trends, with recent PayPal research** showing that Irish consumers are increasingly moving away from using cash. Almost half surveyed (42 percent) believe there will be no cash transactions by 2023. This trend has seen cashless payments rise by 10 per cent on FREE NOW since January 2021. Cashless payments are expected to grow even more as Ireland’s restrictions continue to lift in line with government announcements.


FREE NOW and PayPal partnership

“We are delighted to add PayPal as a payment option. In an increasingly cashless world, this convenient payment option is a win-win for our customers and drivers by providing a simple and secure way to pay and tip for rides whilst enabling both to maintain their social distance.” said Niall Carson, General Manager of FREE NOW Ireland. “As Ireland’s leading ride-hailing app, we are constantly looking at ways to innovate our service to ensure we are providing the most seamless experience possible for our users.”


"2021 has accelerated the adoption of digital services all-round. As a leading technology player globally, and in the region, we have a role to play to improve digital experiences and make it simple, safe and secure for people in Ireland to hail rides. Our collaboration with FREE NOW is a step forward in our goal to help deliver delightful experiences to our customers,” highlighted Anthony Rafferty, Senior Director, Global Merchant Services, PayPal.


Pay with PayPal

Users can simply and quickly add their PayPal account as a payment method via the FREE NOW app on their smartphone. PayPal can be used as a payment option across the full range of FREE NOW services available in Ireland. These include its Eco fleets which are helping to pave the way for a more sustainable future, its Taxi + Screen option which enables passengers to book a vehicle with a partition screen between them and the driver at no extra cost, and its Prebooking service which enables users to book trips up to four days in advance.



* Passengers would need to have a PayPal account

**Source: a survey of 1,008 members of the general Irish population, conducted by Census wide on behalf of PayPal in November 2020.

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