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  • - Optimised PayPal business account with fully integrated payment methods and AI-supported fraud protection

    Dublin, 24th March 2021 – PayPal today announces the launch of its PayPal Commerce Platform in Ireland. The new payments platform has been designed to give businesses access to a flexible,...

    24 Mar 2021
    • PayPal’s Irish business customers can spend money online or in-person at over 52 million Mastercard acceptance locations worldwide
    • Unlimited 0.5% cash back on all eligible purchases
    • No monthly fees and no foreign exchange fees

    PayPal today announces the launch of its first Business Debit Mastercard in Ireland, offering business customers instant access to their available PayPal funds or PayPal balance for online and in-store business purchases. As part of the new service, PayPal is also offering unlimited cashback for Irish business account holders.

    23 Sep 2020
  • New In-App Feature Enables In-Person Payments in an era of Social Distancing

    PayPal has today rolled out the ability to use QR Codes to buy and sell goods in Ireland and 27 other markets around the globe. From local takeaway coffee shops to selling secondhand goods - the rollout of the QR code functionality in the PayPal app allows customers to buy or sell in in-person, safely and securely, and touch free.

    19 May 2020
  • People in Ireland remit more than $2.5 billion annually

    PayPal today launched Xoom, its international money transfer service, in Ireland. It enables people in Ireland to quickly send money to, pay bills for and top up phones in more than 130 markets internationally.

    14 Nov 2019
    • Cash and ‘old’ banking methods frustrate efforts to pay back family and friends
    • Research reveals 300,000 people have fallen out with family and friends over unpaid debts
    • PayPal’s Louise Phelan declares war on cash by scrapping fees for Euro transfers in Ireland
    • PayPal has more than 1 million active accounts in Ireland

    PayPal has scrapped its fees for Euro money transfers between friends and family in Ireland to encourage more consumers to turn away from cash and embrace faster mobile payments.

    19 Sep 2019
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